What We Do

Our consultancy business started in 2003 and has evolved through client demand and need across a range of disciplines.The reviews and restructures vary considerably but have the common theme of improved efficiency and cost effectiveness. The activities we have immersed ourselves into frequently cover the better use of staff, systems and third party suppliers – our culture and style is to positively challenge the status quo and consider the art of the possible as opposed to the defense of the past and present which tends to be the reality in most of the businesses we review.

How we do it – our areas of expertise

Each customer is different, and each consultancy project is different – that said, our style is to work closely with the client team and having obtained a clear brief and set of commercial objectives, we like to engage with the wider business and conduct stakeholder interviews to get under the skin of the issues, challenges and personalities. This is a skillful and most enlightening process.

  • Commercial Modelling
  • Procurement – process lead and support
  • Benchmarking of standards and costs
  • Service Excellence – review and challenge
  • Tender Process Management – design, draft,
    monitor, manage, analyses
  • Project Management – end to end
  • Utilities reviews and Carbon Management assessment
  • Contract terms and conditions – review and development
  • Quality management and audit services
  • KPI, SLA and performance monitoring systems

Way of Working and Commercial Models

We typically engage having agreed a time line and number of days budgeted against the project. The agreed day rates reflect the mix of consultants and their levels of experience and roles to be carried out – generally it is a blend of executive and general consultants time. In terms of modelling we are happy to work on fixed price, incentivised variable cost or hybrid commercial models. Our overall expectation is that we will obtain a ten fold return on investment within 12 months.