FM Procurement

At the heart of our consultancy skill set is our ability to procure FM services to suit organisations needs and budget parameters.  Procurement is typically driven by a need to improve service quality, value, through contract expiries or the desire to market test or introduce competitive tension.  Through using our expertise and industry leading tools and techniques we can ensure services are procured in a competitive and transparent manner; we are familiar with both Public Sector Procurement rules (UK Public Contract Regulations/OJEU) and working with Clients procurement policies and process.

FM Service Transition & Transformation

There is sometimes a need to undertake a transformation of the FM services this can range from change at strategic level (mergers and demergers) or at service delivery level such as implementing performance improvement plans. We can support organisations past the procurement process and are experts in leading the mobilisation of new contracts and services. This includes:

  • Progressing from contract award to mobilising new suppliers
  • Exit management of incumbent suppliers
  • Establishing Contract Improvement or service improvement plans
  • Ongoing auditing and contract monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and service stabilisation
  • Positive management and service improvement of poorly performing in-house teams and suppliers

We lead and support procurement activities in the following areas:

  • Scoping and preparing service specifications, writing tenders and producing Invitation to Tender documents
  • Identifying potential bidders, pre-qualifying and managing the end to end process
  • Reviewing and implementing quality, audit, Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators
  • Development of bespoke contract terms and conditions

Working with our clients we have delivered quantitative benefits – costs savings of between 5-40% with a Return on Investment of 29:1 and significant qualitative benefits such as improved standards of cleaning or technical reliability (uptime).