FM Performance

(benchmarking, service reviews etc.)

Utilising our expertise and vast amount of data available from with our Group company we are able to assess the performance of FM services at both service delivery and service management levels. With access to portfolio data for more than 1m M2 of buildings and all of the FM service lines (such as cleaning, security, Technical services, waste and energy) we are able to provide accurate and commercially viable benchmark information. Very often the focus on benchmarking is on cost and cost savings, we look at benchmarking from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective improve efficiency and value as well as assessing service quality and ensuring all of these aspects aligned to the client’s business needs. We frequently conduct Stakeholder interviews and work with Procurement, finance and operational teams to gather benchmarking data.

Our Expertise Include:

Benchmarks we focus on are:

  • Time, e.g. response and resolution timescales
  • Value
  • Service quality
  • User/customer satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Energy performance