Delphi OSG

Delphi OSG

Delphi is a multinational automotive industry tier one and two parts producer who were originally a division of General Motors. The company produces key components for drivetrain, engine, wiring and systems to a substantial element of the world car industry. Its plants are located in different parts of the world that recognise the attractiveness of labour markets and also the proximity of the plants to their key international clients. Accordingly, this is a business with a substantial footprint, huge investment in technology, a very large workforce and the need to adapt to changes in demand and expectation quickly. 

Delphi is one of our longest standing clients and we have worked for them on a project by project basis for seventeen years, having first been commissioned to review the efficiency of facilities management operations and structures in their UK automotive manufacturing plants back in 2002.

In the intervening years, we have been to 26 manufacturing plants owned by Delphi across EMEA. These visits have seen us working in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Czech-Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary within mainland Europe. Further afield we have been extensively involved in the Delphi sites in Turkey and Morocco.

Our underlying brief across the EMEA Region has been to:

Visit all factories and in liaison with the facilities teams in each country and location;

  1. Define the scope of services contained within the Facilities Services Group
  2. Identify the mix of project related work
  3. Determine the break point between production related and infrastructure maintenance
  4. Identify the range of maintenance and service-related repetitive and predictive tasks
  5. Review the structure of FM and operational staff within the department locally
  6. Review the current budget and actual costs incurred in this department
  7. Review the cost coding arrangements for all of the above
  8. Report back with findings and perceived cost reduction opportunity areas
  9. Provide return on investment analysis

The Delphi Incentive relationship has continued and expanded into reviewing the internal and external EHS standards of compliance. These reviews highlighted that many of the best examples of compliances came with the leanest EHS structure, with compliance achieved through sustainable embedded procedures within the operational organisation.

Working together since the early years of Incentive FM Group trading, the integrated nature and award winning open partnership approach to the development of Delphi’s in-house OSG group in the EMEA region has been both outstanding and commercially rewarding with over €70m of costs avoided since our appointment.

Client comment :

“The Incentive team have been supportive and challenging in equal measure, helping the OSG group to deliver some incredible results. We look forward to continuing to work with them on a range of initiatives”.

Wolfgang Hahne OSG EMEA Manager.

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