Delphi – Carbon Management

Delphi – Carbon Management


Delphi, the leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems, has appointed Incentive Carbon Management (ICM) to help it meet the requirements of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive which requires large organisations across Europe to conduct energy audits by December 2015.  In the UK, this law is known as ESOS for which Incentive’s Nick Murphy is a registered energy assessor, so has taken a lead role in assisting Delphi comply in several EU states including Spain, France, Austria and Poland.

The first part of the process involved writing and developing a training package, complete with handouts, exercises and a standard report template, to be delivered to Delphi staff so they could conduct energy audits on their sites to the agreed standard, EN16247 – Energy Audits. This requires energy data to be gathered on buildings, processes and transport.  Whilst each EU member state has its own law to implement this, the EN16247 is recognised in all states as being an appropriate tool for achieving compliance.

Bill Pollard, Nick Murphy and Pleun Van Deurssen travelled to Grosspetersdorf in Austria to deliver this training over two days to the first group of 16 Delphi staff from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania.  All a bit nervous with language barriers at first, but that’s quite common with the mix of English, Welsh and Dutch representatives from Incentive. A few weeks later, Nick and Pleun travelled to Barcelona to repeat the course to another group of Delphi staff, mainly from Spain, Portugal and France.  The feedback from both of these training sessions was excellent so we were invited to deliver another days training for UK staff in Leamington Spa. Throughout all of the training sessions, social media was used to promote our activities – Twitter and Facebook.

The second stage, after the training is for Incentive Carbon to conduct energy audits on a number of Delphi sites with the assistance of some of the Delphi staff who had attended the training.  So this really was a test on finding out how the training had been received in practice, which has all been pretty good. By the end of July Nick has completed audits in four sites in Barcelona, Krakow & Jelesnia in Poland and Epernon in France for which Pleun also assisted.

More site surveys are planned for Poland, Austria and others along with ensuring that the Delphi staff who attended training from the other sites have done their surveys too.  Then, for the third part of the process, we will also be arranging for the reports in each country to be approved by a national assessor (similar to the role that Nick can complete in the UK for ESOS) so that the legal compliance can be assured for Delphi.

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